about The BlueShed Collective...

Deborah York-voice, Lambert Colson - cornett, Jeremy Joseph - organ

Alongside well known compositions which we interpret with the great extemporising skills informed by 17th century historical performance practise the BlueShed Collective also present their own free improvisations on texts by contemporary poets and writers.

We are friends and musicians who come together to explore new ways of dealing with music and words.  The image of the writer or inventor retreating to the shed at the bottom of the garden in order to invent and create inspired the name of our ensemble. 

BlueShed Collective – Deborah York soprano – Lambert Colson cornetto – Jeremy Joseph organ

The BlueShed Collective Ode to the sublime

Deborah York-voice, Lambert Colson - cornett, Jeremy Joseph - organ

Into this programme of music by Monteverdi, Purcell, Grandi, Alain and Merula The BlueShed Collective interweave their own improvisations on poems and texts by Anne Carson and Marie Howe.

The interplay of old and new sheds fascinating light not only onto the compositions themselves but also onto the role of the performers, their relationship to each other, the music, the words and the audience. 

The BlueShed Collective  I Love and I must

Deborah York - voice, Jeremy joseph - organ in music by Henry Purcell, Byrd and Tomkins.

"Deborah York performed this highly charged, emotional music which bursts all
boundaries of form and feeling, with burning intensity and the richly nuanced colours it deserved. One didn’t need stage scenery here in order to comprehend vividly the drama taking place.  Jeremy Joseph is a gifted harpsichord player, a dervish on the keyboard. Impeccably educated in performance practise his use of glittering arpeggios created a finely integrated counterpoint to the melody line. A fine lesson in the art of harpsichord playing, as also demonstrated in the solo piece by Tomkins."

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Matthias Roth, 16.1.2012

Programm I Love and I must

The BlueShed Collective An Evening Hymn – old english tunes for a long winter’s eve

A mellow winter solstice programme. 

"This eloquent interplay between York und Joseph was one of the most beautiful things to be heard in 2012."



Programm An evening hymn

The BlueShed Collective What a sad fate

Minimal, poetic staging and subtle lighting underscore the seamless contours of this programme. The connections between folk and baroque music traditions have long been recognised and the 3 musicians explore the links intuitively felt between them.

Programm What a sad fate